Restrict Who Adds you to WhatsApp Groups [2020]

WhatsAapp now allow it's user have control over who adds them to groups automatically without their consent.

Almost all the time you find out that, you keep on being added to different groups by strangers, just because they got your WhatsApp Number from a Group you already belong to.

In this article or blogpost you will learn how to block people, strangers from adding to groups without your consent.

 WhatsApp has come up with a new group privacy settings that allow users to choose who and who cannot add them to groups.

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Restrict Who Adds You To Whatsapp Groups [2020]

Note: Users can invite you with a link to join groups manually even if you blocked them from adding you to groups.


How To Stop Users From Adding You To Whatsapp Groups 

  1. Launch your WhatsApp
  2. Tap On Settings
  3. Select Privacy
  4. Click On Groups
  5. Now you Can Choose Who adds you to WhatsApp Groups

Click Done after choosing, now you control who adds you to groups.

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